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Well, this blog post is not beauty related, but I read V’s “Get to know me” post – (annnd… here it is! and it looked like fun!  If you want to join in, I’d love it if you’d comment below and / or tag me in your post so that I can read more about you, too!

So… without further ado… I present… not-especially-interesting trivia about me:

Do You Have a Middle Name?  Yep.  I was given one shortly after birth (Michelle) but I generally don’t use that – sometimes I use my maiden name or initial.

What Was Your Favorite Subject in School? 
Programming / application development courses in college, I think.
What’s Your Favorite Drink? I love me some pineapple juice!  I also love a good margarita.

What’s Your Favorite Song at the Moment? Hmmm… it WAS “Take Me to Church” by Hosier before it became played to death.  Might still be, really… I just avoid listening to the radio right now. 🙂

What Would You Name Your Children? My sons’ names are Byron and Chase. They are 27 and 23 years old (respectively), so I’m thinking it’s a little late to change my mind now.  heehee

Do You Participate in Any Sports? No, but I do like lifting weights for fitness. I’m hardly a competitive body builder, but I DO like becoming stronger. Also, I LOVE to dance.  Badly. 

What’s Your Favorite Book? I DO like to read for recreation (picture-less ones, no less!), and I have read some books that I love, but my FAVORITE book is “Making Faces” by the late (and AMAZING) Kevyn Aucoin. That book still serves as an inspiration to me and also introduced me to just how much simple makeup can alter a persons’ appearance. It made me realize that in fact ANYONE can be STUNNING with just a few products applied correctly.

Favorite Color? 
What’s Your Favorite Animal? dogs

What’s Your Favorite Perfume? hmmm… I have a pretty sizable fragrance collection and I have many loves.  Right now, my ‘go to’ / signature perfume is “Siren” from Paris Hilton.  I find it’s a good and unoffensive “go anywhere” fragrance. A HUGE love for me is the discontinued Lolita Lempicka “L de Lolita Lempicka” (not to be confused with “Coral Flower”, which looks strikingly similar).  I love wearing the quirky “Covet” from Sara Jessica Parker to bed (if you’ve ever smelled it, you might think that’s odd, but seriously… it’s very soothing for me).  As I said before, I have OODLES of loves when it comes to perfume.  I have a profile on Fragrantica that lists most of them.

What’s Your Favorite Holiday?  Halloween, I think.

Have You Graduated From High School?
Yep. A million years ago.

Have You Been Out of the Country? I have.  Mexico, the Bahamas, Belize, Haiti, USVI, etc. Also Canada.

Do You Speak Any Other Languages?  Just profanity.  Oh… but if programming languages count, I do “speak” a few of those.

Do You Have Any Siblings? Yep. 4 brothers and a sister – I also have brothers-in-law & sisters-in-law

What’s Your Favorite Store? Maurice’s I guess.

What’s Your Favorite Restaurant? A local Chinese restaurant.

Do You Like School?
Sometimes I liked it more than other times.

Who Are Some of Your Favorite Youtubers? Not sure.  

What’s Your Favorite Movie? Probably “The Shawshank Redemption”

What Are Some of Your Favorite TV Shows? GAME OF THRONES!!!

PC or Mac? pc

How Tall Are You? about 5’8


Any Pets? Yep. I even have a “Grand Lizard” named “Harley”  Here’s a picture of her in her “party hat” (giggle):


Anyhow… thanks for stopping by & reading. Like I said before, please tag me or let me know if you’re planning to join in!

Until next time, Be well and choose contentedness!

– H


Drugstore find: Rimmel Kohl eyeliner

Rimmel Kohl eyeliner in nude… my new go-to for shadow base!

Happy Mardi Gras!!!  It’s cold and rainy out today… a good day to write a quick blog then head to the gym!

My newest “makeup crush” is not an indie shadow (although I have PLENTY of those), but rather a drugstore liner that I found while on a quest for a non-white liner for my water line.

I guess this comes in a few different colors, but the one I purchased and the one I’m enamored with is the nude color.

Turns out, this has become a hella good and economical multi-purpose product! And at under $4, it’s worth EVERY PENNY (and then some!)

Why is it so awesome?? Well, it stays put on my waterline when most other pencils just float away.  And the color is just right for me… not too light but not too dark, either.

But that’s not where it ends… see, I found that this works SUPER WELL as a cover up… it stays put and the really small size gives me all the control over where it goes WITHOUT using a little brush.  And although when it dries down, it WON’T BUDGE without make up remover, it DOES stay creamy long enough for me to blend it.

oh yeah!


For anyone who follows makeup blogs, you’ve probably seen people raving about MAC’s Paint Pots as a nice base for shadow (especially the color “Painterly”) – it levels out the skin and lid color to create a nice base for applying color without altering the color like NYX Milk, with it’s strong white color, does.

I ordered a sample of Painterly and it does what everyone says it does – although it DOES require a brush for application if you want any kind of precision.  And Painterly is pretty creamy… it takes quite awhile to dry down.

I’ll bet you can guess what product performs as well as Painterly but at a fraction of the cost… YEP!  My nude Rimmel Kohl liner pencil!!! I just draw it on and blend around.  If I didn’t get good enough coverage on round one, I just add another coat!

Don’t you just love when you find a multi-purpose product at a cheap price?!

What products have you found that you can’t live without?

Well, it’s off to the gym for me! Have a wonderful day!

– H

Born Pretty Store top and bottom false eyelashes review (Yeah, more lashes… call me obsessed!)


Hello again!

That’s one big eyeball, huh?  Well, I just wanted to show a close-up of the cool (and cheap!!) lashes I ordered from

(BTW… I probably should post this every time or perhaps on my main page, but every product I blog about has been purchased by ME for my own use. If I’m ever given a freebie, I will be sure to state that before I review it.)

So… back to the topic…

Well, I just can’t help myself! I’m definitely lash obsessed lately!  But I promise this will be my LAST eyelash blog… at least for awhile! I’m just pretty stoked about finding falsie lashes that are INTENDED for use as bottom lashes.  I have tried using top strip-style lashes as bottom lashes by chopping them up into pieces, and I’ve used single and cluster lashes on the bottom, but frankly, I don’t really like the look of cluster lashes and single lash application takes FOREVER to get a decent result.bottomlashesbotheyesSo, I had googled “bottom false lashes” and I had gotten a few results but the image I liked the best were lashes from, which is a chinese company.  The site offers free shipping, but if you’re in the US, expect to wait WEEKS (or maybe a couple of months) for your order to come in because although they pack and ship your order within 24 hours, it takes a looong time to arrive (especially if you order around the holidays like I did)  Also, don’t expect the packaging to be in English.  But when I placed my order back in early November, I was more curious than concerned with timing and packaging.

The products themselves are very reasonably priced (read: cheap!) so it wasn’t a huge investment: around $4.00 for 10 pairs of the top lashes:

and around $3.00 for 10 pairs of bottom lashes:

Most of the pros and cons are the same for both sets of lashes, so I’ll list them here:


  • “Seamless” – they are on clear filament, so the line is pretty much invisible when you apply them.  This is good for when you want to either go without liner or just want to tight / waterline your lashes.
  • Color: For me, the color is a big plus. My natural lashes are brown, not black, so these blended in with my lashes much better than black lashes.  In the photos I’m not wearing mascara on the top false lashes.
  • Price: 10 pairs for about the price of one pair at the store.
  • Packaging: one thing that attracted me was that they aren’t mounted on a ridge, so I don’t mangle them trying to get them off the card.  There’s a bit of a “con” to the packaging, too, that I’ll cover in the next section.
  • Style: I like how they are in little clusters.  I find that they are more natural looking this way. Also, being in clusters makes trimming / clipping / chopping them easier (I’ll also elaborate on this in the “cons” section. Also, the top lashes are longer on the outside and have a really good “slope” to shorter (and very natural length) inner lashes, and the bottom lashes are a very nice natural length.


  • Packaging: These lashes are held down on either side by small, gold stickers that are stuck to extended lash band filament (in other words, the lash band / filament is extended on the inside and outside of the lashes.  You have to peel up the stickers, then trim the excess “string” / filament from both edges of the lashes.
  • Stiff bands: (BIG “con”) The lashes are pretty stiff and lack much curve. This makes applying them pretty tricky.  I don’t think I’d suggest these to first-time lash users. I found that the best way to apply these was to cut them into smaller sections.  I cut the bottom lashes in half and applied the outside half before applying the inside half.  I cut the top lashes into 3rds and applied them from the outside in, too.  It might seem like this would be pretty time consuming, but it was MUCH easier and looked much better than trying to wrangle them in to a curve. As I said previously, these being in sections made cutting them much easier. Having a stiff band also reduces comfort a little (not that these were uncomfortable… they felt just fine… but Eylure brand (styles #15 or #20), which are my go-to for false lashes, are SOOO light that I never feel them AT ALL.
  • Length: I found that the longest top lashes (on the far outside of the band) are a bit dramatic in length for a really natural look.  That’s an easy fix, as I could have just trimmed off the outer sections if I had wanted to.
  • Shine: The top lashes look kind of shiny when they’re worn without mascara.  This is probably because it’s artificial hair.  I don’t find that it’s unattractive, though, and it’s easily fixed by applying a little mascara.

But all in all, I feel like the lashes were a great value and I’m very happy with the whole purchase.  I’m REALLY thrilled with the bottom lashes and although they’re a bit time-consuming to apply, I think they really add some “pop” that my poor, sparse bottom lashes can’t supply with mascara alone.

On a side note, a scarf happened to catch my eye (I LOVE aqua colored anything!) and at $3.25, i figured that I might as well order it:

I also ordered it in beige and I’m really glad I did.  I’m surprised at the softness and quality of the scarves.  I expected loose-threaded nylon fabric, so when they arrived and they were lovely, soft chiffon, I was really pleased. It’s also a little larger than I expected.

Anyhow… my first order with them was a success and I plan to order more REALLY soon.  I wish I’d found the site sooner… I’d have ordered a bunch of gifts for my co-workers!  Next year!!!

I’d LOVE to hear about sites / products that you like.  Please leave me a comment below!

Winter frizz? Try this!

Well, hello!!

Every winter, my hair takes a beating.

In the summer time, I do very little with my hair.  My natural texture is kind of unpredictably wavy / curly / beachy.  A little leave-in conditioner and some texture spray and I’m out the door or I just put it up in a ponytail or braid.  The intense heat and HIGH humidity makes trying to do much else with it kind of pointless. I’ve learned to make humidity my friend.

Without the leave in conditioner, my hair is just a big mass of frizz.  And blow-drying?  HU-UGE mass of frizz.

Unfortunately for my hair, winter weather is generally much drier and colder.  Cold temperatures make flying out the door with wet hair a very unpleasant experience, and the lack of humidity just leaves it looking… odd.

I’m pretty much forced to wash, dry and somehow heat style my hair.  And wowzers…my hair takes a beating.  Breakage, split ends, you name it, I got it… even using a whole beauty shop worth of products to protect it.

It was time for some leave-in deep conditioning.  But my problem is that the deep conditioning oils don’t want to wash out unless I wash it out with a truckload of shampoo, which pretty much defeats the purpose!  So, how do I make the oil easier to wash out, yet still remain effective?

Ah-ha!!!  My usual after-shampoo conditioner washes out pretty well while not stripping my hair.  I wondered how I could use this to my advantage…

Enter: my recipe for a deep conditioning treatment!  And it’s super simple!

  • a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil (i soften it slightly by putting it in a ziploc bag and shooting the bag with a blow-dryer) and to that I mixed
  • about the same amount of my usual after-shampoo conditioner.

I sloshed it around in the bag to mix the two and cut the corner off the bag to squeeze it out to apply it to my hair.  I started at the ends and worked my way up.

Put on a shower cap and left it there for about an hour and a half or so. Then I rinsed it out well and washed just my scalp area with a little bit of shampoo.

I couldn’t believe how soft and smooth my hair turned out!  It was about 80% smoother than usual after blow drying! And it’s so soft & shiny without being greasy or gummy!


Do you suffer from winter dryness?  What do you do to combat it?  I’d love to read your suggestions 😀

How Long Will These Lashes Stay On?!?!

Hello and I hope you’ve had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!  I have done just a little bit of Black Friday shopping online this evening, but I am not convinced that I need to brave the crowds tonight / tomorrow.

ALTHOUGH… if I had, I’d still be sporting the lashes I decided to wear this morning.

Twelve hours and counting, and these babies haven’t BUDGED!!!

image image

Between taking the ham and the green bean casserole out of the oven and heading out the door this morning, I tossed on a neutral eye, my trusty brown liner and a pair of one of my favorite styles of false eyelashes from Eylure – Naturals # 020 (available at Ulta, Target and elsewhere), which I really love due to their varied color (dark brown & black lashes of various lengths) and the clear & flexible band and semi-natural length and style.

I used Duo brand white-that-dries-clear strip lash glue to anchor them down.  Although I did have to re-anchor the ends after applying my last coat of mascara, I haven’t had to touch them up since! AND I EVEN TOOK A POST-FEAST LONNNGGGGG NAP!!!!

And here they stay… Even though the other make up has faded and my mascara has flaked a bit, the lashes are just as they were when I anchored them down this morning!!!

Out of morbid curiosity, I think I will try sleeping in them this evening to see if they remain.

It’s taken quite a bit of trial and error to figure out how to apply false lashes, but I’m overjoyed that this method and style have worked out so well!  I’ve been thinking about having them “done” at a salon, but I’d really like more feedback from the salon’s customers before I commit.

Do you like false lashes? If so, how long is the longest that yours have stayed on? Have you had them applied at a salon? What was your experience?

I’d really love to hear from you! Please comment below!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! EOTD: Gobbling up warm colors

First off… Warm wishes for a wonderful & safe Thanksgiving (or Thursday, if you aren’t in the US *wink*)

MY EOTD today was inspired by the lovely, warm golds and reds of Fall this look from (I can’t seem to post the link here, but it’s a Fyrinnae look… Easy to find there!



This one is Rapunzel Had Extensions on inner eye, Housework Pearls in the center and Bonfire Spirits on the outside.

GORGEOUS!!! Look how warm her brown eyes look!

My version lacks the Bonfire Spirits – I substituted Peppermint Vodka in the crease and Tarte’s Hammock (from the Aqualillies palette) on my outer “V”.  My results were pretty good (my phone and the lighting didn’t capture the colors all that well)


I wore dark brown liquid liner on top and Big Gal lash mascara with Revlon light brown eyebrow pencil.

When I first tried my sample of Housework Pearls, I wasn’t too impressed.  I felt like it was too… Rosy to be brownish, but brownish to be a pink… I dunno… I just didn’t care for it.  I changed my mind when I saw it with the other colors for this look!

I think I will try it again with other colors, too!

Are there any products that you thought you didn’t care for but changed your mind when you tried them again? If so, what?

Taupey Dopey today… what eyeshadow colors are a “don’t” for you?

Howdy to you, my lovely reader!

I haven’t felt well for a couple of days, so today is the first time I’ve worn make-up in a little while.

Maybe I was trying to make up for the fact that I had NO DESIRE to shower & wash my hair today, as it’s c-c-c-c-cold outside and it would have taken too long to dry it this morning.  Or maybe it’s because about 2 seconds in, I said, “you know, I ain’t really feelin’ this.”

Either way, the results are… disappointing.

I applied Benefit “Stay Don’t Stray” as an eye primer, and on the inner 1/3 of my eye, I applied MAC “Nylon” (I think) and on the outer 2/3, MAC “Patina” on the outer 2/3 and my self-panned “Trickery” from Fyrinnae’s Arcane Magic line. (grrr… what looks lovely green turns out turd-ball taupe on me – admittedly, I didn’t use “Pixie Epoxy”, but… anyway…)  I applied a really thin line of my old faithful dark brown liquid liner along my upper and outer 1/2 of lower lashes.  Then… I thought I’d be “cute” and go over my outer “v” with dampened “Club” from MAC.

As you can see (below), it’s just pretty much a dingy taupe mess.


Now, I am wearing some cheap lip stain, and although it’s applied crooked I kinda like the color.

And the cheap-o pinkish blush + highlighter from Neutrogena (which I also actually kinda like)

The only photo that caught any color besides mushy taupe is below, where you can see a tiny bit of the greenish from “Club”…


That being said, I really love Benefit’s “Big Gal Lash” (which I’m wearing) because it does a great job of lengthening & thickening while not getting too clumpy.  I only wish it came in a waterproof version of the EXACT SAME PRODUCT (fat spooly applicator)


Besides the fact that my hair looks hideous, I’m thinking that I would benefit from a deeper contour color in my crease.  And honestly, I don’t think I look good in taupe eyeshadow (or shadows that show up taupe on my skin)

What colors do you think just don’t work for you?  Are there any shadows that LOOK like one color but when you get them on your eye, they just don’t look the same?  Please discuss in the comments below!